Come Tour and Learn

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Kween district is one of the districts that has good tourist potential attractions which can generate a lot of Revenue for the District and yet these sites are not fully developed. However, the District is still grappling with Low Revenue. The district does not only boast of a rich culture and natural heritage, we also boarder Mt. Elgon with the longest stretch compared to both Bukwo and Kapchorwa in the Sebei region. These have been home to the mountain elephant, the buffaloes the leopard, several species of antelopes, several species of monkeys, the hyena among others, different species of trees including the famous Elgon- teak. Kween district is gifted with several archeological caves and sites that can attract learners. Kween is the only place that we see God change his mind and join two rivers Nyalit and Siit change course and drain its water to the great Lake Kyoga instead of draining to Kenya like Rivers Suam and Bukwo. Kween is endowed with Great potentiality that can be translated into several tourism activities when properly and purposefully organized.
Unexploited tourist attractions in the district
Sub county Tourist attraction
Benet Mengya Falls And Cliffs; Atar Falls In Tambajja; Basket Crafts Made of Bamboo
Binyiny Kosowon Falls; Tukumo Falls; Tukumo Cliff/Rocks
Kaproron Kapkworor Rocks; Lelketi Cliff; Bunder Falls
Kaptoyoy Atar Falls Around Ngoromwo; Ngenge Falls Around Kapterer Lower Side; Ngenge Falls Around The Bridge
Kaptum Wisa Cave; Kumweny Cave; Kapswitet Cliff; Kewamoa Rock; Sundet Falls Around Kitimo Rocks; Kobono Wok Cave; Kobono Ware Cave; Kuroto Cliff
Kiriki Greek River Waters; Kiriki Hills; Korite Hill; Kukumai Wild Life; Kere Falls Upper Side
Kitawoi Mukuso Café; Teren Poy Rock with Pot Like Holes; Karengalekwa Rock With Leg Like Baskets
Kwanyiny Greek River; Kapkwata Kworus Rock; Kapkwata Forest; Kapchemayam Café; Greek River Falls In The Lower Side Of Kabarotwo
Kwosir Tuikat Hill; Kamwam Hil; Kortowo Malil Cliff; Kisito Rock; Bamboo Baskets
Moyok Kere Fall near The Farm Institute; Kere Farm Institute; Kere Falls Around London Rocks
Ngenge Kakwot Hill; Kaimareng Hill; Rocks And Cliffs= Prayer Mountain

Forests: The district only has Mt Elgon National Park with land area of 259 sqkms of Mt. Elgon National park which is under the management of UWA. The district enjoys benefits from the park such as biodiveristy, revenue, gene pool, water tower, research and education, eco-tourism development, bee keeping and climate moderation. The district has been implementing efforts towards increasing tree cover through provision of tree seedlings and awareness creation for mindset change, promotion of energy saving technologies, river bank restoration by demarcation. There is need to develop several spots to promote tourism activities like bird viewing, nature walks, abseiling, rock climbing, cave viewing, cultural promotions/ heritage, agritourism among others.
Wetlands: the district has 5 swamps/wetlands is aprox. 20 (Atar, Ngenge, Kere, Sundet and Kubal). Most of the wetlands are getting degraded due to encroachment, poor farming methods resulting into siltations. There have been efforts to restore these wetlands through buffer protection, sensitization. The wetlands can still benefit the district through minimal edge wetland cultivation on crops like rice, yams, horticulture, fish farming and tourism.
Rivers: the district has a network of rivers and streams emerging from M. Elgon foerst. There are six major rivers in the district which include Atari, Ngenge, Yemtyong, Chepyakaniet, Sundet, Kere and Siit. There are three streams such as Cheberen, Tabagon, Kaplegep. There are efforts to protect the rivers streams through demarcations, planting bampoo and other indigenous trees. There investments along these rivers such as Ngenge Irrigation scheme, Gravity flow schemes, micro hydro power generation. However, there is still great potential from these rivers to provide adequate water for production and household use, fish farming, micro hydro power generation and tourism from the numerous water falls.