EDUCATION IN KWEEN DISTRICT: The Department is headed currently by the Acting DEO Madam Chelangat Juliet.
Primary schools
Primary school enrolment in UPE schools 31,932
Number of primary school teachers in the district 507
Number of permanent classrooms in Gov’t P/Schools 250
Number of latrine stances in primary schools 202
Number of primary schools in the district 114
Number of Government primary schools 39
Pupils: Teachers ratio 53:1
Pupils: Desk ratio 4:1
Pupils: Classroom ratio 88:1
Pupil: Latrine stances ratio 115:1
Pupil: Text Book ratio 6:1
Primary completion rate 70%
Net enrolment rate 75%
Girls enrolment 50.4%
PLE performance index 70.4%
Number of secondary schools in the District-11 (8Govt)
Number of secondary schools under USE-08
Number of technical schools under USE 00
Secondary school enrolment 6714 (3373 male & 3341 female)
Number of teachers under USE 182