Finance & Planning

Finance Department is headed by the Chief Finance Officer Mr. Mangusho Edison Sabila

Mandate: To provide guidance and technical support, to the Management on proper management and accountability for the financial resources of the District in the accordance with the financial laws;
Key functions
I. Supervising the collection of revenue;
II. Preparing books of accounts and accounting records;
III. Managing, controlling and accounting for the financial resources of the District;
IV. Preparing and coordinating budgets and work plans for the District Local Government through the Budget Desk;
V. v. Reconciling bank statements to iron out discrepancies with cash books;
VI. Preparing financial statements and reports;
VII. Answering audit queries and mandatory inquiries whenever necessary;
VIII. Providing technical support to Council on financial matters;
IX. Planning, supervising and assessing the performance of staff in the Department of Finance;
X. x. Reviewing and identifying alternative sources of revenue generation;
XI. Coordinating the procurement and payment for goods and services provided to the District Administration; and
XII. Enforcing adherence to financial policy, regulations and professional practices in all financial transactions.

Planning Department is Headed by the District Planner Mr. Mangusho Robert

Mandate: To develop comprehensive and integrated District Plans, monitor and evaluate their implementation.
Key functions
I. Formulating, developing and coordinating District development strategies, plans and budgets;
II. Preparing and disseminating performance standards and indicators for the district to users;
III. Providing Technical support to Departments in preparation and production of District Development Plans;
IV. Determining District investment priorities;
V. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating performance of District Development Plans programmes and projects;
VI. Maintaining District Management Information System;
VII. Development and maintained an up-to-dated bank;
VIII. Appraising National and district policy; and
IX. Producing minutes of Technical Planning Committee.