the Health department is headed by the District Health Officer Dr. Ayub Wangubo

Mandate: To manage and coordinate the effective, efficient and affordable delivery of quality of health services in the District.
Key functions
I. Planning and budgeting for health service delivery and infrastructure in the District;
II. Mobilizing resources for health service delivery and infrastructure in the District;
III. Monitoring and evaluating the delivery of health services in the district;
IV. Procuring medical supplies and equipment;
V. Providing technical guidance and support supervision to Health Centres;
VI. Managing and accounting for financial, medical supplies and other resources allocated to the Districts;
VII. Coordinating the maintenance of Health equipment and facilities;
VIII. Interpreting National Health Policy and integrating it into District Health Plans;
IX. Managing the implementation of the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package (UNMHCP);
X. Tendering advice on health related issues to the District Councils and other stakeholders;
XI. Carrying out monitoring and evaluation of health programs in the District;
XII. Coordinating sensitization programs about PHC in the Communities;
XIII. Carrying out Human Resource management functions like identifying manpower needs, training, mentoring, coaching, promotions, leave, deployment and periodic assessment of health staff
XIV. Managing health research;
XV. Supporting maintenance of the Health Management Information System in the District;
XVI. Liaising with Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in enforcing adherence to National Health Service Delivery Standards;
XVII. Enforcing the Professional and Service Codes of Conduct and Ethics; and
XVIII. Preparing and submitting Periodic Reports.
Public health
Health facilities: 24 (HC IV-1, HC III-9, HC II-14)
Routine performance indicators
 Position in the league table FY 2020/21: 94 drop from 32
 Deliveries coverage -73.6%
 % of Pregnant women attending 4th ANC-44.7%
 % of pregnant women given third dose of IPT-47.6%
 % of Children (<5 year) given Vitamin A 2nd dose-74.1%
 % DPT1 to measles drop out rate: 2.6%
 % of children <5 dewormed in the last 6 months: 21.8%
 Perinatal deaths reviewed: 45.5%
 TB Case notification rate /100,000: 53.0%
 Approved post filled with qualified personnel: 82%
 LG performance assessment 31.0%
 % average score-59.6