Works & Technical

Works department is headed by the Acting District Engineer Eng Anguria Albert
Works Department Mandate:
To coordinate and manage all engineering and technical works in the District.
Key functions
I. Providing technical advice and guidance to stakeholders;
II. Preparing technical specifications of contracts;
III. Supervising all the technical works in the District;
IV. Preparing work plans and budgets for the technical works in the District;
V. Approving buildings and other structural plans;
VI. Developing and maintaining water and sanitation systems; and
VII. Enforcing engineering and works policies.
Works – roads sector
Total road network 359.2kms (68 kms is the Trunk road, 120.1 kms District feeder roads and 171.1kms community Access Roads)
National Trunk Road
 27 kms in tarmacked
 15 kms in good condition
 20 kms in fair condition
 6 kms in Bad condition
District Feeder Roads
 9 kms in good condition
 7.5 kms in fair condition
 11.5 kms in poor condition
 87 kms in Bad condition
Community Access Roads
 10 kms in good condition
 14 kms in fair condition
 13 kms in poor condition
 146.1 kms in Bad condition