Production & Marketing

Production Department is headed by the District Production Officer Dr. Yesho Nelson Lomin
Mandate: To coordinate, manage and monitor the production and marketing programmes, projects and activities in the District.
Key functions
I. Coordinating the preparation of Production and Marketing budgets and Strategic Action Plans for the district;
II. Coordinating the implementation of Government production and marketing policies, programmes, projects and regulations and district budgets and Strategic Action Plans;
III. Coordinating the delivery of production and marketing extension services in the District;
IV. Providing technical guidance and advice to the administration of the District and District Council on production and marketing issues, programmes and projects;
V. Monitoring the detection and control of the threat and occurrence of pests, vermin and animal epidemics in the District;
VI. Monitoring the use and management of production and marketing facilities in the District;
VII. Promoting appropriate production and marketing technologies and best practices in the District;
VIII. Identifying market potential and advising the producers appropriately; and
IX. Providing and regulating Veterinary and animal husbandry activities and related services to farmers.
Subsistence 85%. Main crops grown: Maize, Irish, Barley, coffee, bananas, sorghum, beans, rice
Land cover
Commercial farmlands; Cultivated lands; Grasslands; Built area ; Impediments ( eg Rocks) and Bush lands
Rural Water supply
 Gravity flow schemes: 7 with 79 taps
 Protected springs 222
 Boreholes 33
 Rainwater harvesting tanks 145
 Access to safe drinking water is at 60%
Land and environment
Land area (sqkms): 851
Electricity coverage: 4%
Households using firewood and charcoal for cooking: 97%